Introducer benefits

You get the opportunity to refer a good trading environment and online platforms

Good and attractive remuneration is offered

Excellent reporting system

You become a partner with us and achieve a partnership status

All procedures are easy and quick to get started.

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Be Allied Asset Fund’s Fund Manager

We are interested in Fund Managers who have stable track records in the forex trading.

Allied Asset Funds will ask verification on the real account performance through third party if the trader have meet our risk managements policies,

Allied Asset Funds is most popular forex managed accounts in UK and Middle East, we have investors from worldwide who are interested in FOREX MANAGED ACCOUNTS.

If You have good trading knowledge in Currency Trading and ready to prove, share your low risk and steady profit performance results that we want for our investors then we will be make business synergies with you and we will add you to Allied Asset Fund’s forex fund managers list!.

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