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Managed Forex Accounts

Every Trader understand the fact that trading the highly volatile Forex market involves big risks and becoming a successful trader is a daunting task which gives you sleepless nights and put you under immense stress and pressure. Also it needs years of experience and dedication to become a profitable trader as learning the art of trading is a continuous evolving process.

Trading Schema

Identify the Market risks well in advance with our accurate market analysis capabilities. Our Risk to Reward ratio optimized for maximum and stable returns. With the expertise of our fund manager every trade we make goes through a thorough fundamental analysis.

About Us

Allied Asset Funds Ltd is a principal trading firm with rich experience in financial analytics offering customized fund management services We have been regarded worldwide as one of the successful fund management company with the highest client satisfaction rate. We are a Strategic, specialized and trustable partner for our Investors to deliver competitive and sustainable returns on their investments.

We are a Rapidly evolving fund management company with a Vision to help our clients achieve their desired returns with limited risk exposure and complete transparency.